Webinar: Effects of Metabolic Surgery on Diabetic Early Stage Kidney Disease – July 7 @ 1pm GMT


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July 7th: Effects of metabolic surgery on early stage diabetic kidney disease

Metabolic surgery is an established option for the treatment of medically uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. So far, all previous randomized controlled trials had glucocentric endpoints. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the main complications in patients with diabetes, and albuminuria is a proxy for cardiovascular events and mortality. Furthermore, diabetic chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major cause of dialysis and kidney replacement.  A recently published study found that gastric bypass surgery is as safe as the best pharmacotherapy, and significantly more effective in achieving remission of albuminuria and early-stage CKD in patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity (BMI 30 to 35). At the two-year follow-up, remission of both albuminuria and early-stage CKD was achieved in 82% of surgical patients versus 55% (albuminuria) and 48% (CKD) in pharmacotherapy patients. Surgery was as safe as the best medical treatment.

These findings point to a new treatment paradigm to reverse or prevent chronic kidney disease progression in patients with diabetes and obesity.

Three of the world’s leading specialists in the field will provide a comprehensive review of another milestone in the treatment of diabetes and its complications, considering metabolic and bariatric treatment as a potentially better option than medical management.

Join us in this online event on July 7th at 8 am (New York Time) on AIS Channel!


  • Welcome & Introduction. Ricardo Cohen (Brazil)
  • The burden of Diabetic Kidney Disease. Allon Friedman (USA)
  • The mechanisms that allow metabolic surgery to improve Diabetic Kidney Disease. Carel le Roux (Ireland)
  • Randomized controlled trial evidence that metabolic surgery improves Diabetic Kidney Disease. Ricardo Cohen (Brazil)
  • Panel Discussion. All faculty moderated by Dr. Ricardo Cohen
  • Closing Remarks. Ricardo Cohen (Brazil)


Dr. Ricardo Cohen, Director of The Center for the treatment of Obesity and Diabetes – COD, Hospital Oswaldo Cruz (Brazil)

Dr. Allon Friedman, Associate Professor of Medicine, Nephrologist at the Indiana University School of Medicine (USA)

Dr. Carel Le Roux, MBChB FRCP FRCPath PhD, Imperial College Healthcare. Diabetes Complications Research Center (Ireland)

On July 7th at 8 am (New York Time)AIS Channel will be broadcasting live this high-level online congress hosted by three of the leading experts in their fields.

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