IrSPEN is taking part in Malnutrition Awareness Week.

A National Malnutrition Survey in Ireland will take place on November 9th 2023

Please join IrSPEN and INDI in undertaking the National Malnutrition Survey on a day between 9th November and 8th December, whether you work in a hospital or in the community. You have 4 weeks to collect and input the survey data, although we ask that you collect the data from any given ward on ‘one day only’ to avoid double counting

We are asking for your help to collect data on malnutrition risk in as many adult patients in your institution as possible.  The results will give us vital information on the scale of malnutrition in Ireland and how it has changed in the last decade.

To make sure that the data collection provides a representative sample of the patient population, please make sure to provide data for everyone in a given ward that has been admitted, but just make a note of whether the patient has been admitted in the last 3 days (72 hours) or not, as this information is requested for each patient when you input the patient data into the portal. 

Important notes: 

9th November is nominated data collection date BUT you may decide to nominate an alternative date for data collection in the four weeks from 9th November to the 8th December, as we will leave the portal open until then to ensure maximum participation.

You may also collect data from individual wards on separate days within this 4 week period, provide you only submit data for those admitted to the hospital and not from any ward that has already been surveyed (to avoid double counting)

Please note that we are asking dietitians to provide survey data of all patients recently admitted on a ward, not their own caseloads only.  This is because we are keen to establish the prevalence of malnutrition within a given care setting, not the prevalence of malnutrition amongst patients referred to the dietitian.

If you cannot survey all wards, please submit survey data for whichever wards you can, with the ward type clearly on the input sheet.

Please find further information on what is involved and the forms for both Hospitals and Residential Care Settings at the links below: