A Tribute to Mike Gibney

News of Mike’s passing last week has left all at IrSPEN deeply saddened, keenly aware of the massive void left by such a towering figure in the world of nutrition science, a beloved lecturer, a cherished friend to many.

Mike Gibney was, to all who knew him, a beacon of knowledge, as generous with his advice as he was with his wit and warmth, a man who always left his door open.

He had a rare ability to take the complex and often contradictory aspects of nutrition and distil them into clear, concise, compelling narratives. For those of us who were students on the Hum. Nut. Course established between DIT and Trinity, his lectures were the highlight of the week; never mere presentations but masterclasses that made nutrition fascinating and created wave after wave of enthusiastic graduates who aspired to being half as good as him. Mike’s influence extended far beyond the podium, the classroom, his ability to communicate the science better than anyone. He didn’t merely teach the science, he lectured us on how to think, what to look for, how to evaluate the quality of the science, which is what drove his students to become better nutrition scientists, better communicators, taking his example to go the extra mile for the right answer.

Mike wasn’t only an outstanding scientist, a gifted communicator and an expert of experts. He was genuine and personable. Meeting him and Jo during an aimless wander through Blackrock, you’d be greeted with such genuine warmth, you’d think you were the only person in the world he wanted to see at that moment.

We will remember Mike now with much affection and a chorus of appreciation. He taught us to question, to challenge, to never settle for the easy answer.

To Jo, to Eileen, who has contributed so much to IrSPEN as a former Director and Chair of our Education Committee, to the family he adored and the friends he cherished: our deepest condolences.