National Malnutrition Screening Survey – 9th November 2023

Malnutrition Awareness Week (MAW) takes place from 6 – 12th November 2023

IrSPEN and the INDI are joining with international colleagues from ESPEN to highlight the problem of malnutrition in our communities and in our hospitals.  As part of our awareness campaign in Ireland, IrSPEN, with support from the INDI, are planning a National Malnutrition Screening Survey on 9th November, which will give us vital information on the scale of malnutrition in Ireland and how it has changed in the 12 years since we undertook the last national survey in 2011 with BAPEN.

On the 9th November we will be asking all hospitals, nursing homes and long stay/rehabilitation facilities to complete an anonymised survey of malnutrition risk in patients/residents.  

Not only will this help us to quantify the current level of malnutrition risk and compare this to previous levels, it will also help us highlight gaps in resources needed to manage the problem effectively. 

The survey is merely an audit of practice, and has been kept as simple as possible for your convenience and to avoid the need for ethical approval.  

Do please support the initiative as it is important that we have data from all parts of the country and as many different patient wards as possible.

There will be more information coming your way in the near future – but save the date and start making preparations for the biggest malnutrition screening day in Ireland yet.   

Many thanks!


The Malnutrition Awareness Week campaign is supported by Nutricia as industry partner.   
The survey will be funded, coordinated and analysed by IrSPEN.