Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness (HAN) Week: 7-13 August 2023

Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness (HAN) Week: 7-13 August 2023; a week dedicated to raising awareness about essential nutritional treatments; parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition and oral supplements.

Make some noise on your socials, in your work place and amongst friends and family to share information about artificial feeding. Show feeding beyond the home; it may be a home therapy but it should not confine people!

Your mission this week is to:


  • Value yourself and the effort you put into your own care and treatment. If you care for or support someone on HAN, you should be equally valued.
  • The provision of home artificial nutrition (HAN) in the UK, our dedicated healthcare professionals and homecare services. 
  • Value the contribution you make as a healthcare professional, service or product supplier; making a difference to those living on HAN.


  • If you receive HAN or care for and support someone who does;  what’s your story, share it with people to educate them, not for sympathy but understanding.
  • Do you provide a product or service that supports people on HAN? Tell people what and why it’s important to those on HAN!
  • Are you a professional group who campaign or advocate for people on HAN? If so, share how and why you do this. You could encourage others to show an interest in artificial nutrition.
  • Where do you fit into the world of HAN? It’s an intricate treatment with many elements that make the whole system function; share this with others.


  • Engage with family, friends and colleagues, directly or via social media platforms to spread the word that HAN is vital for thousands of people in the UK to sustain life via special medical nutrition being prescribed when the normal route of eating and drinking is compromised.
  • When you find the right opportunity, explain who you are, what you do and why. More people need to hear the balanced perspective of HAN, it’s not always plain sailing and despite common treatments the vast number of conditions people have and are treated for, bring a variety of situations which for some are challenging on a daily basis.
  • Be receptive to the pros and cons of HAN.

Lifesaving, life-changing home treatments! Similar treatments, for different reasons with varying impact on those receiving it and supporting people on it.  

Daily activities will take place during the week – keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter: @PINNTcharity 

Life-saving nutrition treatments received by people living at home in the community – not in a hospital.

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